Brass premium quality etching Designer coffee | tea cup and Saucer Combo gifting

MYR 200.00
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Metal - Brass

Product - 6 sets of Cup and saucer

Design - Carved

Weight - 290 grams approx each set(Cup and saucer)

Design - Engraving



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Carved brass cup and saucer: 

All the pieces of cup and saucer you will receive are carved by an expert which makes a perfectly finished product. 

The carved design and the brass color will add an elegant look to your dining set. 

Healthy and Happy Dining Table: 

The goodness of brass brings immense strength and immunity and thus it is the most essential product to be in your dining table.

Our fascinating brass cup and saucer convert your boring dining table to an eye-catchy one.

Brass Quality:

Magizh, India’s one of the most trusted brands in manufacturing brass cup and saucer with pure brass both inside and outside.

Leakproof & Jointless:

The cup is made with a single piece of brass without any joints and hence no need to worry about the leakage. 

The quality of our products and the property of brass provides you a cup and saucer that will last forever without any damage.

Brass for Royal look:

The cup and saucer made with brass add a Royal look to your dining set. 

In case if you are not going to use this for your coffee, you can still use this as a showcase piece. 

Benefits of brass: 

  • Ingest of brass will increase your immunity and strength. 
  • Brass helps to pacify aggression and burning sensations. 
  • Improves hemoglobin levels. 
  • Good for your skin and works as an anti-aging agent. 
Brass premium quality etching Designer coffee | tea cup and Saucer Combo gifting