What is Wind chimes

Wind-chimes or wind-catchers are a type of sound-producing instrument mostly made of rods, tubes, bells, metals, wood or even bamboos.

Wind-chimes are usually handcrafted with finest, colorful materials. When a Wind-chime is made it lasts for many years and sometimes becomes as an artifact. The makers of Wind-chimes design them in the quality with unique details and attractively appealing.
The information about what is a Wind-chime and why is it called so is something controversial. Because people in different communities has different opinion of having Wind-chimes at home. This percussion instrument is generated by the natural wind movement (breeze).


In an Indian newspaper, it says that Wind-chimes were first made for a Chinese emperor and during their civilization, and the Wind-chimes have been there around since 1100B.C. These were also called as Fenglings during that time.
It is made as a religious object and believed that it would attract good spirits and make their living positivity-aided. They also maintained their spiritual thought over Wind-chimes and still continues to do so.

It is widespread around the western culture and has been appreciated very soon. It is said to believe according to West Park Gallery ,that in the middle of 1800’s, Japan has set their docks to Eastern countries, their traditions and product goods were brought and began their trade all the way to Europe and America. There it started to become popular all over the world in their homes and gardens.

Bamboo wind chimes are more famous in India and Indonesia, it is being exported to other countries from here. Bamboo wind chimes produces unique sound which keeps the whole mind very calm and positive. This has become more popular to all people in recent days.

Kutch is famous for iron metal bells, the artisans hand crafted the chimes completly and supplied for various parts of the country. This is most propular amount budha temples and used for home decors. Very unique gift choice for all range of people.


Obviously, it is for sound. And, well, also for decoration which attracts the guests and people around. Some people even considered it as prestige.
People who works under stressed and tiring jobs, it is important for them to have a Wind-chime at their homes, garden, porticoes or wherever they sit for relaxation. It is slowly realized that its soothing jingles sound creates a relaxed surrounding and pleasant atmosphere which has vibrations of positivity around us in the contrast of delightful noise. As it was said before, the Wind-chimes were firstly made to make the Chinese Emperor happy.

There is an infinite variety of tones in different types of Wind-chimes which lasts for a very short time ephemeral pleasures. The imposing and impressive effect are produced in a deep sonorous sounds. Sometimes the tinkling sounds of Wind-chimes are barely noiseless inaudible basso tones. There is a recent time favorite Wind-chimes are called Woodstock Wind-chimes. They are made up of woods or bamboos.Wind-chimes are commonly made of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or sometimes combinations of all materials. Woodstock Wind-chimes are popular because of its low-frequency sound which would not disturb the neighbors, though.

In Yoga institutions, there played a sound called “white -noise” which is inharmonic sound felt during enchantment of “OM” and the Wind-chimes are compared to them and used as a meditation medium. It is hung in medium height in order to notice the clearer tones.

It is also made by our choice of materials like shells, earthenware like ceramic, porcelain, even kids can make this with cookiecutter.


Fengshui is literally means the comparison between “wind and water”. Wind-chimes are used as FengShui which is considered as it offers more than just sound. There is a unique thought among the people having Wind-chimes at their living spaces that they believe as it cures the negative energy as a sonic balm to destruct the vagaries of negativity.
It also believed to ward off evil spirits and thoughts and invites good and positive spirits to provide ourselves the zenergy i.e. pastime or relaxation. It is also used for purifying our soul and energy and calming effect and creating a meditative feelings within a certain area.

Just by hearing this sound, reduces stress and also provide inner peace. It is proven that it has a healing effect on people who is affected by depression and got stressed mentally and physically. The sounds created by Wind-chimes dispels the stubborn and stagnant negative energy. It also protect one’s positive aura through its deep tones. It also believed as it brings good luck and fortune against the malevolent spirits.,simultaneously.


There was a hot selling news of a wind chimes which took place in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2012. A huge Wind-chime is designed by Jim Bolin (an American politician) which is of 42 feet tall. It is the world’s largest Wind-chimes ever made. It resides in Casey, Illinois, in the Midwestern region of the United States.