Ebony is dense back and hardwood, most commonly yielded in many countries. Ebony wood is hard enough to sink in water. This wood is used for many crafts, it looks mirror like finish when polished. The karungali / Ebony tree is native to Sri Lank and southern India, western Africa, Indonesia. Ebony wood is always in demand and it is pricy due to its rich texture, it grows slow and strong. Ebony bark is highly medicinal, the root bark is used as a floral gum or resin, If you take the resin of ebony tree, dry it and powder it and mix it with milk and drink it, the body will become strong. Our ancestors identified many rare tree species and noted their medicinal benefits and spiritual benefits. The Siddhars, in particular, refer to certain trees and indicate which deity they belong to. The hope is that we will have the vision of that angel in our home if we keep the objects they have said so in our home. Cures sexually transmitted diseases. Diluted semen hardens. It is the best medicine for women with heavy bleeding. Relieves nervousness and refreshes. Expelling unwanted toxins in the body. They also remove mouth sores and eliminate bad breath. It is good for diabetics, blood pressure and heart patients. Similarly, if you take a weight of ebony bark, neem bark and Jamun tree bark and rub it on chronic sores, the sores will heal.

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