How often the copper utensils should be washed?

Copper reacts with the atmospheric oxygen which makes the copper utensils to darken. This natural process is called oxidation.

If you are storing water continuously in the copper utensil, as a result of oxidation the utensil will turn into green color. To avoid your copper utensils turning into greenish color its recommended to wash the bottle twice a week.

Washing copper utensils regularly help to maintain the copper quality and its health benefits. Copper utensils must be handled with care and maintained properly, below are few methods to effectively maintain copper utensils.

Method 1: Salt and Vinegar Method.

Step 1 : Pour the salt and vinegar on the copper.
Step 2 : Take cotton or a towel and Rub the salt and vinegar gently over the surface of copper.
Step 3 : Rinse the utensils with pure and warm water.
Step 4 : Clean the copper with a Dry towel

Method 2: Lemon and Salt

Step 1 : Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces.
Step 2 : squeeze the juice from the lemon and mix it with the salt.
Step 3 : Now take the lemon piece and dip in on the mixture.
Step 4 : Gentle rub the copper utensil with this lemon.
Step 5 : Rinse the utensils with pure and warm water.
Step 6 : Clean the copper with a Dry towel.

Method 3: Flour, Salt and Vinegar

Step 1 : Take a cup and add 1 spoon of salt and 2 spoons of white vinegar.
Step 2 : Now add a required amount of flour and mix it until it turns into a paste.
Step 3 : Apply the paste on the copper.
Step 4 : Leave for 30 - 60 mins and rinse with pure and warm water.
Step 5 : Clean the copper with a cloth.

Method 4: Ketchup

Step 1 : Pour the Ketchup around the surface of the copper.
Step 2 : Let the ketchup sit for 10 - 15 mins.
Step 3 : Rub the copper with a cloth.
Step 4 : Rinse with warm water and dry clean it.