How long water should be kept in copper utensils?

We all know that Copper is a metal; then how do we intake copper?

We cannot intake copper directly and that’s why our ancestors used the “OLIGODYNAMIC” effect of copper and consumed copper via food and water.

Take any of your delicious food and place that in a copper plate and take water and place it in a copper glass. Copper will release its ions into the food and water because of the process called the Oligodynamic effect.

Copper plates and glasses helped our ancestors to intake copper. Storing water in the copper utensil for 8 hours is the most recommended way to kill a maximum of 1 million bacteria per milliliter.

It is recommended to fill the copper utensils with water overnight and consume it the next day morning to get a complete benefit. This is the reason why all the utensils in those days are made of copper, especially the puja articles which we use even today is a copper utensil.

Copper is an ancient metal used for years by humans to kill bacteria, fungi, and all the microorganisms. The history of copper is from 4000 BC. The moment our ancestors understood the value of copper and the benefits it can lend to humans they decided to consume copper.

Over a period, the use of copper among the people has been reduced but now because of proper awareness, everyone is adopting this legacy method. Our ancestors have followed a lot of traditions which will make the human being healthy in which copper is vital providing you the following benefits.

Copper is known for its enormous number of health benefits; few are listed below.

  • It is an Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant.
  • Helps you to prevents Cancer
  • Improves your Digestive System
  • Good for Cardiovascular Health
  • Increases your Immune system
  • Heal Wounds Faster
  • Helps you to reduce weight
  • Reduce Ageing and keeps you younger
  • Good for your Bone strength
  • Helps to prohibit stroke
  • Acts as an energy booster

Stores water in copper utensils are more than 8 hours or overnight to get all the benefits of copper completely.