Turn the game on with a pair of brass dayakattai.

Dhayam is one of the traditional games of Tamil Nadu. This classical game dhayam is played using a long cuboid dice called the dayakattai. An authentic dayakattai is made out of pure brass that has dots on the longitudinal side of it. The game is played by rolling the dhayakattai in turns. The game starts after the players roll the Dayakatta to one(dayam). In Tamil Nadu there are five types of dayam game. Some of them are Tanjore kattam, kurangattam, 4 block dhayam.

The game dhayam is very beneficial in terms of developing mathematical skills of a person. Moving the coins after rolling the dayakattai requires an accurate understanding of the game. The game needs utmost concentration to defeat the opponent. Thus, it improves concentration skills. The tingling sounds of the brass dayakattai is satisfying and the sound produced is very similar to the sound of the brass bell. The sound that arises from these dayakattai can instantly make your senses relaxing and also it adds a sense of rhythm to the game. As the players take turns to play the game, the rhythm that arises out of the dayakattai appeals to the ears. The players can learn strategies and techniques as they play the game frequently and dedicatedly.

It's not just about the mathematical skills that you acquire but more importantly, the game is designed to create a bond. In this lockdown, when the time is hard for everyone, it is equally important for all of us to stay positive. Today's situation has not given us the option of playing outdoor games, but we can still have the same fun by playing dhayam. The moment all members of the family sit together in a circle to play the game, there is a sense of positivity that the game creates.

There are also health benefits attributed to the game of dhayam. For example, the rubbing of hands while rolling the dhayam can regulate blood circulation in your hands that will in turn activate your brain by pumping blood into your brain. The antibacterial properties in brass have the ability to kill bacteria’s around you. We are in a very stressful time and laying your hands on dhayam can act as an escape from chaos that we're going through.

It will just take one attempt for you to get addicted to this game. Play once and you'll love to play it again. The game can become interestingly serious as pandavas lose their Kingdom to kauravas. Once you fix your eyes on the board and dayakattai, you won’t take it off until you make a win against your opponent. A hot cup of tea, a plate full of crunchies and a pair of dayakattai can make your lockdown times distressful. At the same time, it can be as fun as spending time with your loved ones. Don't wait till the lockdown imposes boredom on you, grab your dayakattai and get the dayakattai clinking to start the fiery game.

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